Spirent’s Test and Lab as a Service Platforms work together to provide a differentiated Continuous Test management solution which integrates seamlessly into your DevOps workflow.   Spirent’s solution simplifies creating automated test assets and deploying them for dramatic increases in testing coverage.



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Velocity Framework -

Velocity Frameworkは、構築ベースとして理想的なプラットフォームです。4つの「スマートビルド」(BIS)指標、モジュール式設計、REST APIを採用し、お使いの既存DevOpsツールチェーンへ直接的に統合できます。

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Building Complete Lab as a Service Solutions

Spirent has partnered with Rahi Systems to expand its Lab as a Service (LaaS) solutions suite with design, buildout and integration services for lab environments. Together, Spirent and Rahi Systems bring a full-service portfolio to enable the Integration, Orchestration and Networking required to create automated development and test environments. This solution, referred to as ION, saves millions in lab related OpEx and CapEx per year and optimizes key testing workflows from hours to minutes.

Introducing iTest 8.2

iTest introduces three powerful enhancements focused on security, third-party integrations, and ease of use. The 8.2 release features include Secrets Management with Secret Token Values in Response Maps. New IxLoad REST Session, NETCONF 1.1 compatibility, with ability to download Velocity topologies from Import Wizard and custom prompts in Session Profile Wizard-- future integration between iTest and Velocity will continue to strengthen in future releases.

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A Solution Blueprint for DevOps

Supporting a rapid-paced development cycle, whether using Agile or non-Agile based processes, has its challenges. This DevOps solution blueprint encompasses Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Test (CT), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Change Management (CCM) capabilities with automated orchestration for organizations looking to improve efficiency for rapid-paced product development and deployment.

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Accelerating DevOps Through Continuous Testing

This white paper explores the components of a proven Continuous Test (CT) implementation. It includes a case study which applies these guidelines and provides real world metrics of results and benefits.

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試験またはラボ自動化の構想採用を検討する際に、企業組織は大きな疑問に直面します。 計画されたROIを確保できるだろうか?簡単に実装できるだろうか?動作するだろうか?

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A variant of DevOps, called NetDevOps, focuses on the unique needs of Communications Service Providers. Learn how we’re helping CSPs apply NetDevOps to streamline validation and assurance workflows and break down the silos that inhibit Dev and Ops teams from working together.


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