Bring your V2X products to market faster by testing real-world traffic scenarios in the lab

Make sure to deliver V2X communications which work correctly under all possible conditions – by including metrics for precision, repeatability, safety and much more. With a complete range of RF and wireless testing solutions, Spirent helps you design and implement sophisticated V2V and V2X communications services while reducing or eliminating expensive and time-consuming field testing.

V2X Products & Solutions


Test solution enabling the automated execution of WAVE conformance tests to ensure your V2X implementations or systems are based on and compliant to USDOT test specifications.

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Automated test solution for running ITS-G5 conformance tests to ensure your implementations or systems are based on and compliant to ETSI test specifications.

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Spirent V2X Emulator

Save time and costs with this test bed for validation and performance benchmarking of V2X applications in various stages of the development cycle that brings real-world traffic scenarios into the lab.

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Spirent TTworkbench

Conformance and certification testing of V2X-enabled networks, cabling, devices and systems with a test automation platform emulating a realistic and deterministic environment that speeds up product development and improves quality.

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Vehicle to Vehicle/Infrastructure Communications


Ensure compliance to latest standards

Spirent is working with government agencies, laboratories, standards bodies and commercial organizations to successfully implement new features and services that form the intelligent transportation systems and connected vehicles of the 21st century.



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