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Have you ever had a mobile call that sounded like the other person was talking with a scarf over their mouth? With 3G technology, that experience is not at all uncommon. That’s because most 3G calls use narrowband codecs that compress the bandwidth of our voice. In moderate to poor areas of coverage, the compressed voice signal may be further degraded by RF-related signaling errors, resulting in a muffled or distorted sound to the speaker’s voice.

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Have you seen Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy S5? It’s called “Don’t Be a Wall Hugger.” The ad brings to life the most frustrating aspect of owning a smartphone—the need to constantly recharge the battery. In the ad, Samsung touts the improvements it has made to the Galaxy S5 battery life through better power efficiency. Samsung isn’t the first to feature battery life in major advertising campaigns and given its importance to customers, we expect battery life to be a key industry focus in coming years.

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