Get your Amaze"ON" by Testing Cloud Services

Cloud Testing 

If you are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, do you ever wonder:

  • Have I chosen the right EC2 instance for my workload?
  • When do I need the latest NextGen instances like P3 and R4?
  • What is the actual performance stats of my DX network?

Or are you the type of person that relies on many tools to dissect your cloud bills thinking that they will optimize your costs and help you visualize spending and estimate future infrastructure costs? Or worse, you believe these tools help you with “right-sizing” when, in reality, these applications provide no visibility into your actual infrastructure capacity understanding at the host level.

What you should do is rely on Spirent as we got your questions covered. Instead of relying on back-of-the-envelope calculations or post-spend analysis tools, you now can accurately test the performance of Compute, Network, Storage instances specific to your workload even before migrating them to Amazon Web Services, or optimize the workloads’ performance already running on AWS with Spirent Virtual & Cloud validation tools. You can continue to build on AWS with confidence using Spirent solutions that will allow you to:

  • Find the right infrastructure - characterize workload performance to determine if the chosen infrastructure can handle applications and services you have targeted to run on those systems
  • Define the right capacity - simulate physical footprint of any virtual machine with precision to find the right virtual resource performance across – Compute, Network, Storage, APIs, Services, and more
  • Perform Cloud health checks - benchmark your Cloud deployments periodically for event-based changes such as planned infrastructure hardware and software upgrades
  • Optimize your network - verify your network’s reachability, bandwidth performance, latency, resiliency, QoS, and ensure it can meet growing demands of your organization

When you know how to build better Clouds, Capex and Opex efficiencies will come naturally. Amazed? Check us out.


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