Why Classify Test Environments Prior to Test Automation?

Not all test and lab automation solutions are similar. Test environments come in all shapes and sizes. Organizations have a broad range of testing needs. From extensive experience in delivering automation solutions, Spirent’s test automation specialists have been able to define organizational categories for test automation. By understanding these organizational categories before integrating test automation, Spirent is able to define the right solution for our customers.

Customer EnvironmentThe four organizational categories are:

  • Manual Test Teams
  • Development Test Teams
  • QA Teams with Limited Automation
  • Advanced Automation QA Teams

The organizational categories provide high-level models upon which to build test automation. These solution models provide a basis to begin identification of the most suitable automation solution for an organization. The graphic shows how these categories relate to degrees of scripting and automation already involved within these different organizations. It provides a basis for incorporating existing assets into a test automation strategy.

In the next four blogs, we go into each one of these organizational environments in more detail. We will provide insight into the makeup of each group and the challenges that the group typically faces. In the meantime, we welcome your observations and comments below.

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