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You’ve got business-critical questions. Are my new devices and services ready to launch? Is my service the best? How do I improve? To get answers, you need to understand the user experience. We invent the technology and methodology for evaluating the user experience of new devices and services. We’ve got the services and systems you need to understand the user experience and get answers to your business-critical questions.

Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Listen to Spirent’s webinar featuring our guest speaker from Forrester Research, as we look at the changing customer experience landscape and discuss the key to capturing and maintaining clients through delivering a superior QoE.

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Improving the User Experience

There’s only one way to truly understand how the device and it’s interaction with the network shape user experience—you need to evaluate experience at the mobile device, using the same devices as your customers. Learn how our device-centric approach can help you understand and improve the user experience of new devices and services.

We measure what matters to users




Assess speech quality for VoLTE, VoWiFi and OTT services with support for all codecs including Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)



Evaluate the successful initiation and completion of VoLTE, VoWiFi, 3G, and OTT calls on any Bluetooth-enabled device


Web browsing

Understand how fast mobile web pages load using any website or special non-caching pages on hosted media servers


File transfer

Evaluate file transfer speeds for typical user activities using a wide range of file types and sizes and HTTP/FTP protocols



Assess the quality and smoothness of video in the live network and lab on both up and downlink for IR.94, OTT and more


Battery life

Determine how new services and device technology impact battery life and power efficiency based on realistic use cases

Products & Services


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The Umetrix platform automates user experience evaluation for voice, video & data services and battery life. Evaluate any device, operating system or network

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Evaluate the user experience of new devices and make improvements to poor performers. Ensure new devices delight customers and differentiate your services

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Get answers to your critical questions
about launching, marketing and improving
new services with custom user experience studies

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Logistics Solutions

Rapidly detect defective smartphones in forward and reverse logistics channels

AVS: Logistics Solution

Spirent AVS rapidly identifies smartphones with acoustic defects—reducing device costs by millions of dollars and ensuring these devices don’t get refurbished and sent back to customers.

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VoLTE and VoWi-Fi Webinars


Assuring the Successful Launch of VoWiFi Devices and Services

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Improving the VoLTE Experience: Best Practices from Early Launches

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Need more battery life?

Batteries can’t get much bigger—so future improvements need to come from improved power efficiency. Our analytics help you understand the impact of new services and device technology on battery life and power efficiency—so you can identify weak areas and make improvements.

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