Promise. Assured.

Today, industries of every kind face relentless change, intense pressure, and complexity on a mind-boggling scale.

But it really all comes down to one simple thing: A promise that you make to your customers of consistent and secure performance.

Making sure things perform properly is just our starting point. We at Spirent bring clarity in the face of complexity. We partner with you throughout your journey, understanding your pain points and opening your doors of opportunity. We’re not just dedicated to your quality; we’re passionate about your success.

You made a promise to your customers.
We’re here to assure that you fulfill it.

The Promise of Performance.

Every day, you make a promise to your customer. Spirent assures that you fulfill it.  View our video spot.

What we do

Spirent is leading the way in testing, assurance, analytics, and security to assure the capabilities and performance of networks, network equipment, devices, and services.

We provide expert guidance and methodologies to help our customers find clarity in the face of complexity, overcome the challenges of a fast-approaching future, and ultimately deliver on their promise to their own customers.

Service Assurance
& Analytics

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Cloud Infrastructure

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High Speed
Network Testing

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Navigation & Timing

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The power of
a promise kept

Spirent Assuredが、コンセプト実証から加入者体験にいたる技術ライフサイクルの全体にわたり、顧客が行った性能の約束を果たせるよう支援する様子をご覧ください。

eBook: あなたのテストラボを現代化

Lab as a Service (LaaS)は、連続的なテストプロセスに同時に参加するための機敏さ・柔軟さを、多くの消費者に向けて提供します。LaaSがどのようにしてプロセスを自動化・合理化するかをご覧ください。

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Three Principles of Network Automation

To deliver on the promise of automation in today's networks and lay a foundation for future cloud-native and 5G networks, a new approach to testing and assurance is required: what we call Lifecycle Service Assurance.

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ロンドン・アイにおけるO2のWifiパフォーマンス - テスト済

O2はLandslide E10ネットワークテストプラットフォームを使用し、新たなスマートフォンアプリケーションの発表前に、コカ・コーラ・ロンドン・アイにおいて、Wi-Fiネットワークのパフォーマンスと性能を検証しました。

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Simplify 5G Blog Series - A New Network

Welcome to the first blog in our 5G series focussing on the New 5G Network and providing insights, learnings and solutions operators and enterprises are implement...

By Stephen Douglas On Oct 18, 2018

The 5G Business Case: Simplifying, Accelerating and Assuring 5G

Service providers can’t afford to allow the complexity and envisaged costs brought by 5G delay progress. Learn how Test and Assurance can accelerate innovation an...

By Stephen Douglas On Oct 11, 2018
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Spirent demos oneM2M conformance test tool at ETSI IoT Week

Spirent showcasing first TTA authorized test system for IoT/oneM2M conformance testing

V2X Conformance Testing at OmniAir Texas Plugfest

Perform V2X conformance testing with Spirent at OmniAir Texas Plugfest

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